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Welcome to Beasley College Consulting, a full-service, educational consulting service that helps students and their families navigate the college search and application process.
Why Hire an Independent Educational Consultant?
Let's face it - you're here because you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed. You've worked so hard to get to this point - now what?  Whether you're a college-bound student or an excited parent - you've either never done this before or haven't done so in decades!  We know...we've been there...we can help.
The college search and application process can be a confusing and overwhelming process for both students and families. With student to counselor ratios at many high schools over 500:1, an increase in the percentage of high school seniors applying to college, an increase in the average number of applications each student submits and college becoming more expensive than ever before, students and families want to make sure that they make the right college choice. Having a knowledgeable, qualified and experienced counselor to help usher you through the process is crucial in helping to find the right college "fit", so that the student is not only successful but happy.  
Why Beasley College Consulting?
We are a team of higher education professionals that use our expertise to help usher students and families through the entire college search and application process. With over sixty years of combined experience in selective college admissions, counseling and educational administration, our team is uniquely positioned to offer each student and family exceptional advice and attention which helps make the application process seamless. 

We only work with a small number of students each year, enabling us to give individualized attention to each student through one-on-one counseling sessions. Not only does this help us to truly get to know each student, but it allows us to craft an action plan that will showcase the student's strengths in the application as well as match students with the right "fit" institution.
We spend hours with the student and family getting to know the student’s personality, interests, qualifications, and aspirations. We are then able to offer recommendations on colleges that would be best suited to the student’s educational, social, emotional, professional and personal goals.
Our team helps students with a variety of tasks: major/career adivsing and assessment, high school curriculum planning, college admissions profile assessment, college research, college list selection, standardized testing plan, college applications, college application essays, extracurricular resumes, financial aid and scholarships, interview preparation and more.
Whether the student is a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or transfer student, Beasley College Consulting, can help. 

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