5 Ways to Research a College Without Visiting

Updated: Mar 25

1. Virtual Tours: Most campuses offer virtual tours (even some in virtual reality) where you can discover spaces that aren't even available on an in-person tour, such as classrooms, laboratories, residence halls, and more. Even better, virtual tours are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and never reach capacity. To find tours check out the college's website, campusreel.com, youvisit.com, and youniversitytv.com.

2. Admissions Office: College admissions offices are making every effort to ensure prospective students are getting the information they need about their college to make an informed decision. Aside from virtual tours, many colleges are offering online information sessions for admitted students and the ability to video conference with an admissions officer and/or current student to answer questions.

3. College Websites: If you know what you want to study, visit the department’s web page and look at classes that are offered and the professors who teach them. Do you want internships or research opportunities?—check out career services. Ensure you know what the social life is like by visiting the student organization page to see what clubs, sports, Greek life, etc. are offered. 

4. Student Reviews: A college’s website provides valuable information; however, the picture painted is perfect. To get the inside scoop, talk to students. Unigo.com and Niche.com offer thousands of student reviews about colleges by category (academic life, safety, social life, dining, etc.) so you can hear what real students like, and dislike, about their college. Don't forget to ask friends, family, teachers, counselors, community members and alums from your high school about their experience as well. 

5. Social Media: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter—take your pick—colleges use social media to showcase what makes them unique—so add them to your feed as another way to learn about an institution. 

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