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Recognizing the diverse needs of seniors on their college application journey, our Senior Hourly Bundles are designed for students seeking targeted assistance in specific areas, allowing you to use the hours however you see fit. Whether it's for college list suggestions, essay brainstorming and editing, resume creation and review, application questions, or interview preparation, our expert consultants are here to provide personalized support to enhance your applications. 


Senior bundles can begin as early as June after junior year and are offered on a limited basis. 

Who They're For:
Our Senior Hourly Bundles are specifically designed for high school seniors who are in the midst of their college application journey. These packages are ideal for students who require tailored, focused assistance in specific areas of the college application process. Whether you're just starting to shape your application or putting the finishing touches on your essays, these bundles offer the flexibility and expert guidance to meet your unique needs.

Why the Senior Bundles:
We understand that the college application process is not one-size-fits-all. That's why our Senior Hourly Bundles are built to offer personalized support in the areas you need it most. With these bundles, you get direct access to our expert consultants who can provide in-depth assistance, from college list refinement to essay perfection and interview prep. Our goal is to enhance your applications, maximize your chances of acceptance, and reduce the stress of the application process.

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Tailored Support to Elevate Your Applications

5-Hour Flex Bundle 
Ideal For: Students who have specific, targeted questions or need help with one or two aspects of their application. This bundle would suit students looking to develop a compelling personal statement from brainstorming to final edits. It’s also suitable for those who need focused assistance like resume feedback, interview preparation guidance, or help to finalize your college list; this bundle provides the focused support you need.

10-Hour Enhanced Flex Bundle 
Ideal For: Students who require broader support and guidance on their applications, including their personal statement and supplemental essays. This bundle is tailored for those looking to develop a compelling personal statement from brainstorming to final edits and who need assistance with 2-3 supplemental essays. It also covers general advice on other application components, such as activity lists, resumes, or college selection strategies.

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