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“Leah Beasley-Wojick provides dynamic, supportive guidance through the arduous process of college admission. We had two children collaborate with Leah through their journey to collegiate acceptance. Chase and Lilly, stayed on task, met all of the many deadlines, and gained acceptance to their top choice of schools. Leah made the process enjoyable and directed them to show their best. We highly recommend Beasley College Consulting.”


~ Jennifer and Lee Ghesquiere, Parents of University of Michigan and Southern Methodist University Students

"We worked with Leah for both of our daughters and had a fantastic experience. Leah was able to easily connect with our kids and guide them throughout the process. With Leah's support and guidance, both of our daughters were selected into their first choice for college. Leah's support was invaluable." 


~ Jugal Vijay, Parent of Emory University Students

“Leah is fantastic! She managed to make what can be a daunting, stressful and overwhelming time in the college application process, a really positive experience. Leah is incredibly supportive, not just to the student who is working on preparing for college applications, but also to the parents. It is so reassuring to know that your child has her help, attention and encouragement every step of the way. From brainstorming the best college fit for your student to ultimately pressing the “submit” button at the end of the applications, Leah is there cheering on the students every step of the way.”


~ Parent, University of Michigan Student

"Leah helped me to figure out what I really wanted from a college and she really listened to me. She was able to come up with a list of schools that could potentially be a good fit for me. 

She is incredibly easy to talk to which made the process a whole lot easier. I actually looked forward to my appointments with her they were fun, informative and stress relieving. During the college application process, you learn a lot about yourself. Leah guided me without forcing me into decisions I was not comfortable with.

I can wholeheartedly say I am at the right college for me and I am not sure that would have been possible without Leah."


~ Margaret Blanchard, Sarah Lawrence College Student

"We simply can't say enough about Dr. Beasley and her service.  The instant bond and rapport she developed with our daughter coupled with her consummate professionalism and industry knowledge transformed an otherwise intimidating process into a rewarding experience.  Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. We could not be happier!"

~ Williams Family, University of Michigan Student

"From the very first time I walked into her office, I felt at home.  Leah was there to calm me down, talk me out and make sure that I was comfortable and aware of what was next in the application process. I wasn't ever applying to a safety school or a dream school: I was applying to the right school. And when my acceptance letters came in the spring, Leah was there with me, jumping up and down and making a list of pros and cons. Leah is a counselor, a resource, a sounding board and an adept advisor, but most importantly, Leah is a fantastic friend. She cares about my happiness and has sought to make sure that my University experience is everything we both thought it would be."


~ Nick Anderson, Morehead-Cain Scholar (full tuition) University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

“Leah Beasley is simply one of the best! From the moment she stepped into our lives, the college application process became manageable! Our son immediately connected with her! Leah has an amazing ability to hone in on a student’s personality & strengths. Her insight helped us to widen the net and explore universities we might have otherwise overlooked. Her individualized strategy plan helped our son embrace the essay writing process and kept all of us on track during those critical summer/fall months before the application packets were mailed out. Leah Beasley is PROFESSIONAL, CARING & PASSIONATE about helping students achieve their college goals! This family is forever grateful for her guidance!”  


~ Monica Greve, Parent of Southern Methodist University Student

"Leah was a huge help during the college application process. She not only lends a guiding hand throughout the process, but also a shoulder to lean on. Leah will quickly become your friend and will be there when you have one (or two...or three) breakdowns about college. Unlike many college counselors, Leah does not quit after applications are turned in-she is there with you throughout the waiting, the decisions, the orientations, and even transferring, if you so decide. I am glad to call Leah a good friend and a "life coach."


~ Alanna Hoffman, Brown University Student

“We are so grateful for Leah! Leah guided us from start to finish... including after he matriculated! She worked with our family every step of the way. She helped our son explore a range schools, work to improve his standardized test scores, develop meaningful application essays, identify college options to fit him and his interests and gather everything he needed to successfully submit the applications. I most appreciate her support of our family and commitment to finding a school and program that was suited to our child. We appreciated her so much our second child is seeing her now. Thank you Leah!”


~ Eisman Family, Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Comm. Student

"We realized that today’s college admissions process looks nothing like what we experienced more than two decades ago. Fortunately, we found Leah Beasley who quickly became a trusted advisor, coach and confidant for our daughter and her younger brother. 


Leah’s advice was constructive, honest and personalized. Her guidance was simply invaluable during every stage of the process, from building a rigorous course schedule in high school to selecting target colleges to writing persuasive essays and preparing for interviews. 


The counsel that we received from Leah not only offered our children a tremendous advantage but also developed their personal ownership and self-confidence so they were better able to handle the pressure and emotional rollercoaster that the admissions process can create. 


We cannot recommend Leah highly enough to parents and students. We have since referred several of our friends to Leah, all of whom have been equally thrilled with her!”


~ DeRose Family, University of Virginia and University of California-Berkeley Students

“Leah was an invaluable resource in supporting our family through the college application process. She was able to calm concerns, offer insightful guidance and moderate the different views within our family. Her energy and enthusiasm were fantastic. I particularly appreciated her knowledge of the University of Michigan process, system and timing. Leah is not only a sage counselor but will become a good friend who is available any time you need her. Our family has, and will continue to, recommend Leah to any friends who are approaching the college admission process.”


~ AJ Pynnonen, University of Michigan Student​