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Welcome to our Comprehensive Package, where we combine personalized guidance with the expertise of our seasoned consultants, all experienced in highly selective admissions. Designed for students who seek both autonomy and insightful professional support, this package navigates the complex path of college admissions, ensuring your application stands out.

Who It's For: Sophomore and junior students aiming for a balanced, effective college admissions strategy. Ideal for those seeking comprehensive support and professional guidance at every step of their admissions journey.

Why the Comprehensive Package? The perfect blend of expert support and personal initiative, this package is designed for students ready to actively engage in their college admissions journey, offering a thorough approach to navigating the complexities of applying to competitive colleges.

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Your Path to College, Elevated

Service Snapshot (approx 40-45 hrs):

  • Personalized One-on-One Support: Dedicated consultations with your BCC consultant, timely communications, and ongoing check-ins throughout your journey.

  • Strategic Guidance and Planning: Advice on high school course selection, college major exploration, standardized testing strategies, and aligning your extracurricular activities with your aspirations, along with strategic planning for early action/decision applications.

  • Exclusive Software Access: Benefit from advanced tools for research, planning, and managing your college application timeline effectively.

  • College List Development: Assistance in creating a strategic list of reach, target, and likely schools tailored to your academic profile and goals.

  • Expert Application Support: Assistance with crafting, refining, and reviewing applications for up to 8 colleges. 

  • Personal Statement Support: Expert guidance in brainstorming, drafting and editing your main college essay to reflect your authentic voice and story.

  • Supplemental Essay Support: Development and editing of up to 15 supplemental essays reflecting the average number of essays students complete for 8 applications. We also offer guidance on adapting and utilizing the content for additional essay requirements, ensuring a cohesive and strategic application package.

  • Specialized Coaching and Resources: Benefit from interview coaching, extracurricular guidance, resume preparation, and post-decision and acceptance support until June of your senior year.

  • Team Strategy Sessions: Our experienced consultants meet weekly to discuss and strategize the best path to success for each comprehensive client, leveraging our collective wisdom and expertise in highly selective admissions.

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