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Embark on your high school journey with confidence and clarity with our Freshman Year Strategy Session. Designed for students and families looking to get a proactive start, this session provides a comprehensive overview of the college admissions process and sets a solid foundation for future success.

Who It's For: Freshman students (as early as June before entering 9th grade) and their families seeking early guidance and a strategic approach to the college admissions journey. Ideal for those who want to understand the road ahead and how to navigate it effectively from the very beginning.

Why the Freshman Year Strategy Session? Starting high school with a clear plan and understanding of the admissions process is crucial. This session is designed to demystify the journey ahead, providing you with the knowledge and tools to build a strong foundation for your subsequent years of high school. With our guidance, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your high school experience and set the stage for a compelling college application.


Laying the Foundation for Success

Service Snapshot (1-hour session):

  • Admissions Timeline and Process Overview: Gain a clear understanding of the college admissions timeline and key milestones.


  • Setting Future Goals: Work with your consultant to identify and articulate your long-term academic and personal goals, fostering a mindset of college readiness from the outset.


  • Academic Strategy: Receive advice on selecting appropriate courses to challenge yourself academically and position you for success in the eyes of admissions committees.


  • Extracurricular and Leadership Engagement: Understand the importance of participating in meaningful extracurricular, volunteer, and leadership activities and how to choose ones that align with your interests and strengths.


  • Summer Activity Planning: Discuss ideas for impactful summer activities that will enhance your academic profile and personal development.

  • Building Positive Relationships: Learn how to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with teachers, counselors, and academic support staff, an often overlooked but crucial aspect of the college admissions process.

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