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Recognizing the diverse needs of students on their college application journey, our Hourly Essay Editing Service is designed for those seeking targeted assistance in essay development. Whether it's for brainstorming ideas, detailed editing, or final proofreading, our expert consultants are here to provide personalized support to enhance your college applications.

Who It's For:

This service is perfect for students seeking specific, focused help with their college application essays. Ideal for those who want to ensure their essays are polished, impactful, and meet the high standards required by top colleges. It’s suitable for students who need detailed brainstorming support, exemplary essay samples, and expert feedback without the need for in-person meetings.

Why Hourly Essay Editing:

Hourly Essay Editing offers the flexibility to receive tailored support that fits your specific needs and schedule. With access to experienced editors, you receive in-depth feedback and guidance to ensure your essays stand out. Our experts provide detailed exercises to help you generate and refine ideas, along with videos that highlight what’s important in each type of essay. This approach ensures your essays are not only well-written but also strategically crafted to impress admissions committees.


Tailored Essay Support from Admissions Experts

Our specialized service offers tailored essay support from admissions experts who have firsthand experience with selective college admissions. With a deep understanding of what top colleges look for in application essays, our experts provide targeted feedback to help you craft essays that truly stand out.


What’s Included:


  • Detailed Brainstorming Exercises: Receive guided exercises to help you develop and refine your essay ideas.

  • Sample Strong Essays: Access to our curated examples of successful essays to understand what works.

  • Informative Videos: Watch videos that explain what's important in each type of essay and how to approach them effectively.


  • Detailed Editing and Feedback: Receive comprehensive feedback on grammar, syntax, clarity, and content to refine your essays.


  • Final Proofreading: Ensure your essays are polished and ready for submission.


  • Turnaround Time: Feedback will be returned within 4 business days, allowing you to plan accordingly to meet any deadlines.


  • Flexibility and Convenience: All services are conducted online, making it easy to fit into your schedule. You will receive personalized, one-on-one editing support without the need for in-person meetings.

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